Business Directories

Impress clients with Abuzz business directories in your lobby.

Abuzz Business Directories

Abuzz interactive business directories give your clients quick access to the directional information they need to navigate your buidling. The system can include business name, logo, description, contacts, opening hours and more. The solution can be paired with a selection of hardware and may be free-standing, wall-mounted or desk-mounted.

The business directory software also features a flexible media-scheduling system that allows dynamic display of images and videos: perfect for promoting businesses, food courts, or providing building information. The application is powered by Abuzz’s highly popular Wayfinder software and provides complete online administration for all tenant and media content.

A solution for all building sizes

Your business directory interface can be customised depending on the size and complexity of your building. For larger office towers with access to levels via specific lifts we recommend including a map to help users locate the correct lift. The directional information includes a schema of the building and identifies the section and level of the destination. Smaller buildings with common lift access often do not require maps and a level number is sufficient.

Business Directory Interface

Abuzz Business Directories - Interactive Content

Interactive Content

Abuzz Business Directories - Centralised Administration

Centralised Administration

Abuzz Business Directories - Portrait and Landscape Options

Portrait and Landscape Options

Abuzz Business Directories - Flexible Media System

Flexible Media System

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