The Wayfinder is a highly-evolved solution that presents complex directional information in a simple and intuitive way.

Software Interface

The backbone of digital wayfinding is presenting complex information in a clear and simple way. Abuzz has applied this principle to all of its products - its user-centred software is the perfect example.

Customers can find the information they need with minimal interaction and only relevant detail included. Your branding shines through in the beautifully designed interface and the intuitive maps will ensure any user can understand instructions.

Abuzz’s Wayfinder application includes a bundle of ever-expanding features, maximising the impact of your solution.

Wayfinder Software Application Interface

Wayfinder Directory Hardware

Directory Hardware

Abuzz Wayfinder hardware seamlessly integrates into any public space, while ensuring all focus is on the digital screen. With modern design principles and the latest technology, Abuzz directories offer a stunning contemporary aesthetic.

Twelve years of directory evolution equals a refined and advanced user experience, unparalleled in the market. Our user-centred designs ensure that every person can access the system, regardless of height or ability.

Abuzz hardware is not just a pretty face; inside you will find that device performance has been optimised and all maintenance and service considerations taken care of.

Wayfinder Administration System

Web-based Administration

Administer your directories via our secure and private web administration system. Making changes is simple and access is possible from anywhere with an internet connection. Add, edit, or remove tenants or ATMs, and manage all centre information including tenant data, opening hours and contact details.

Wayfinder Media Services

Media Services

Digital directories provide the perfect platform for distributing media throughout your centre and with Abuzz Media Services any screen is a valuable asset. Whether it is messaging, promotion, or advertising, content is quick and easy to upload and manage with Abuzz’s Web-based content management system.

Abuzz Analytics

Abuzz Analytics

Abuzz Analytics gives you great insight to how your centre performed during a period. Learn about things like overall performance, which Abuzz directories were the busiest and which stores were searched for. You can also find information about customer experience and uncover ways to improve experiences in the future.

Wayfinder Solutions


Abuzz has developed a suite of products and solutions to compliment the Wayfinder and create a family of digital mediums. The solutions can function independently or in combination with other products.

The beauty of it is they use the same data and can be updated through a central administration system, simplifying your workflow.

Each solution comes with the Abuzz performance guarantee and the exceptional Abuzz support service, meaning you can be sure it will provide the best possible experience for you and your customers.


Abuzz’s world-class support offering is designed to function anywhere in the world with localised technicians, remote system monitoring, and a secure cloud-based server.

With unlimited parts and on-site service, Abuzz support is truly comprehensive and will ensure that any Abuzz product performs exceptionally day in day out.

Wayfinder Support

Wayfinder Project Management

Project Management

Our project managers bring an asset-life approach to each project that balances achieving short-term objectives and enabling long-term viability. Project works align with our key strategic direction to bring our values to life.

Each project delivery model has a unique set of requirements for engaging with clients, project partners, contractors, suppliers, customers, and teams. We have well-established project management plans and processes that can be adapted to each client’s specific needs.

Our ability to conduct successful project delivery is enhanced by the strength of our diverse networks, as well as knowledge and skills that enable us to bring high-end technology to our clients. Being an innovative company, we take the first steps in delivering new technology to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

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